It’s been 23 years since the last of the Shieldbreaker line died during the Blood War, a terrible civil war lasting nearly a decade, ending the second era. The shattered realms of Iberron maintain an uneasy peace among themselves, while in the east on the continent of Esterron trade flows wildly and freely through the port cities that make up the merchant republics of the east.

Rumors have spread of dark futures. Oracles and soothsayers from all corners of the world speak of the coming retribution of the gods for crimes unknown. Whispers of treason and treachery are spread through the courts of many rulers, while others gather their strength in hopes of claiming the throne left vacant a generation ago. Sailors from the far east tell tales of monsters beyond all belief coming from the smoldering ruins of an ancient civilization.

Eye of Ibris

Eye of Ibris is a campaign set in the world of Iora, a land dominated by man and it’s struggles. The Campaign is set 23 years after the dissolution of the Empire of Iberron which hailed the beginning of the Third Era. This campaign consists of the Player Characters (Player 1, Player 2, Player 3).

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Eye of Ibris

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