Iora is the name given to the entire world upon that exists in the material plane. Iora is largely a temperate climate with temperatures generally warmer in the south and colder in the north. Snow is only common on mountains, but can be seen in some of the northern forests across the world, and occasionally as far south as Oldiron. The world of Iora is split up into two major continents, with some smaller islands.


Iberron is the name given to the western mainland continent of Iora. Iberron is home to the great kingdoms of man. The geography of Iberron is dominated by the Godswood and Loc Sanctiad. Most major cities can be found on the coast, with several existing farther inland along the rivers of the eight which flow outward from Loc Sanctiad to the ocean. Click here for more.


Esterron is the name given to the eastern mainland continent of Iora. Esterron is the location of the grand City States. These cities on the western and southern shores are bastions of free trade and oligarchy. Major geographical features include the Hero’s pass mountain range, which gives birth to the Varuga river that runs south down the continent. On the eastern side of the Varuga river is the Great Plains and the ruins of the old Ticlaxl empire. Click here for more.


To the northwest of Iberron lies the isle of Drefedd. This island is home to a large percentage of Iora’s Dwarf population, Caer Corrach and Myndd Carteff are the only Dwarf-majority cities in the world. The major geographical feature of Drefedd is the Wailing Mountains, which divides the island nearly in half. Click here for more.

The Nine Isles

Sitting in between Iberron and Esterron are The Nine Isles, the holy site of The Faith of the Nine. The nine isles are arranged with eight islands in a circle, representing the lesser deities, with the Isle of Ibris in the middle. Click here for more.


Directly north of Esterron lies the isle of Dunn. Dunn is an island of vast wilderness, the only known civilization there being the monster hunter’s school of Caer Unigedd. The entire island is densely forested and home to a large number of different flora and fauna. Click here for more


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